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NSR 611
NSR 611 is By Real Steel and out of 4084 (Norman Kohl’s)
He was born in December 2016
From all angles 611 is one of, if not the widest and heaviest muscled buck we have had the opportunity to work with. He is extremely massive and barrel shaped in his rib while still remaining square at the surface and relaxed in the way he moves.611 offers that No Step power and presence people have come to expect from our stud bucks and still has a unique look in terms of balance.
Leonidas is a Freak son and he is the first one we have kept for a buck. When he was 5 days old Pat picked him up to tag him and his rack already filled your hand. We knew right then we had to leave him as a buck. He has great rib shape and a very square edge to his loin. His dam is a Mini Me daughter out of 6106. 6106 is one of The Sisters and a flush mate to Freak's mom. So we've lined up JR on The Sisters which should give us a great deal of consistency in the offspring.

Ironman is by Wow and out of 6090, a percentage doe that is a flush mate to Freak's mom. We have a special group of does that we call "The Sisters". They are all tremendous producers and when we cross them with the 900 line we get great results. Ironman is a flush mate to the high selling buck in our September 2010 sale and to Zach's state fair wether. This goat has a pig butt just like his sire with an extremely wide loin. He should add plenty of power to his offspring.

PDF Z018 "ACE"
Ace is by Hutto's v55 and out of a Mini Me doe 8143. We think he combines the best of both our breeding programs. He has a ton of eye appeal but still has enough power to keep your attention. He is super level topped and square on all 4 corners. We used him a lot this year and we can't wait to see what he does.

Wow is a JR son out of a Favorite trick doe that is a full sister to EDSR Gus. He is without a doubt the thickest goat we have ever raised. Come and see him for yourself and you'll see why we named him Wow.

Mighty Me is a son of JR out of a Almost Perfect 10 doe. He is a full brother to Mini Me and Doe Rae Me. He sired the medium weight champion wether at Ft. Worth in 2010 out of his first crop.

This is Freak. He is a JR son. He was born Oct of 2007 and is 2 1/2 years old in this picture. He still looks like he could go win a wether class if they had classes for 225 lb goats.
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